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Hornet Control Devon
Wasp & Hornet Control
Valley Pest Control Ltd offer a range of solutions for wasp and hornet control

Wasp Control Devon Wasp Control Devon
Qualified pest control experts
Wasps and Hornets can cause numerous problems and large disruptions in your home or business. Valley Pest Control Ltd provide a fast and efficient call out service to safely treat wasp and hornet nests.

Dealing with wasps and hornets requires experienced pest control specialists with the right knowledge, equipment and treatments. At Valley Pest Control Ltd, we can offer a fast and effective call out service to eradicate wasps and hornets safely and efficiently from any type of premises.

Call us today on 0800 387 219 to keep your premises wasp and hornet free.

Signs of a Wasp or Hornet Infestation
  • Constant buzzing or humming noise. Some wasp colonies can contain up 4,000 – 6,000 wasps each searching for food and protecting their nest.
  • Made from chewed wood, pulp and saliva, wasps and
    hornets nests have paper like walls.

Wasps can build their nests in:

  • Roof spaces
  • Out-buildings
  • Storerooms
  • Under the eaves of buildings
  • Tree Cavities
  • Wall Cavities
  • Bird Nest Boxes
  • Loft Spaces
  • Hollow Walls
  Risks - Wasp or Hornets nests if left untreated can lead to:
  • Contamination of food, adult wasps and hornets like sweet and sugary things.
  • Wasp or Hornet stings are painful and may defend in big numbers if disturbed or feel threatened.
  • Serious stings can occur if a person suffers from anaphylactic shock which needs immediate medical attention.

Consequences to your business

  • Customers may be fearful of wasps and being stung, therefore may leave your premises as a result.
  • Customers may not feel comfortable returning to your premises and may tell others about their experience which could damage your reputation resulting in a decrease in income.
  • Employees may have a fear of being stung which could result in staffing problems.
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