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Valley Pest Control Solutions to a Fly Infestation
Controlling flies and other flying insects is a vital part of pest control for all companies, large or small.  Flies can be unhygienic and can create an unhealthy environment in the home or work. It is crucial for businesses such as restaurants, bars, cafes, and pubs causing a range of problems. 

At Valley Pest Control Ltd, we provide specialist treatments and professional advice custom to your individual needs.
  • Precise identification of flies allows us to provide you with specialist advice, treatments and fly killer units, for your company or business.
  • We can identify breeding sites and are able to offer you suitable insect proofing and advice in order to prevent future problems.
  • For a range of fly and insect control solutions, call us today on 0800 387 219.

Flies can potentially carry a number of diseases including; E.coli, gastroenteritis and dysentery as they move from decaying matter, waste and then onto food.

Spotting signs of a fly infestation

  • Maggots (Flies in their larval stage)
  • Clusters of flies, alive or dead.
  • Droppings and spotting. (When flies feed or defecate)

Potential Risks

  • Flies can transmit worms and carry a number of diseases.
  • Flies can contaminate work surfaces, food and cooking utensils.
  • Some flies can bite animals and humans such as Horse, Autumn and Sand Flies.

Consequences of fly infestation

  • Contamination to food and damage to your health and your reputation as a business. Issues with flies will damage your food hygiene rating.
  • Poor standards – Customers and employees will have a negative impression of the business.
  • Fly problems can be costly and you could be fined for non compliance with the legislation, with a reduced income from loss of customers.

Eradicating flying insects

  • Removing the breeding areas and sources of food and drink is vital in order to effectively control flies long term.
  • At Valley Pest Control Ltd we have extensive knowledge of the biology of different breeds which is key, in order to correctly identify the flies and to use the best cost effective treatment.
  • Install insect proofing, such as fly screens to restrict access to your buildings.
  • In vulnerable areas such as food storage and preparation areas, place fly killer units to control insect infestations.
  • To schedule pest inspections in order to distinguish possible breeding areas and to find the best treatment and prevention methods, call Valley Pest Control Ltd today on 0800 387 219.
Devon Control Pests   Signs of a pest problem
  • Live or dead bugs and insects
  • Bites
  • Irritation of skin

Potential Risks

  • Food Contamination
  • Many of insects are a nuisance and become irritating rather than a major threat. 
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