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Pest Control Devon
Domestic Pest Control
Professional UV Fly Control Units
Why control flies?
By law, food that is sold must be wholesome and free from contamination and you are required to demonstrate 'due diligence' that you have taken every precaution against contamination from flying insect pests.

These pests are highly mobile and make no distinction between food prepared for our consumption and any other surface that they land on, walk over, defecate on or eat. Many insect species have particularly unsavoury habits and therefore represent a serious risk to our food. With this in mind, fly control becomes more than just hanging any unit where it can be seen. Its effectiveness, according to type and siting, has a real bearing on how much protection you and your customers receive.

Glueboard Units

Chameleon® units utilise glue board technology, are slim, easy on the eye and easy to maintain. With a sticky trap, insects are held fast.

This means that there is no danger of insects being
ejected or blown out of the unit, allowing Chameleon units to be placed closer to sensitive areas. They are silent, discreet and hygienic and will catch all sizes of insects including the smaller species such as Fruit flies.

Used sticky boards can give a ready-made catch analysis and a record of ‘due diligence’. You also have a means of easy identification of the insects controlled.

Devon fly control

All Chameleon® units feature

  • 3-year guarantee (excluding consumables)
  • Fully approved to International standards, CE marked and RoHS compliant
  • Quantum® shatter resistant tubes coated with industry compliant FEP for maximum attraction and significantly reduced risk of contamination from glass breakages
  • Full-size sticky board to effectively catch even the smallest flies
  • Easy to remove bottom tray, drop-down guard and front covers - no tool service
  • Reflectobakt® sleeves, which increase attractiveness to insects, significantly slow the drying of the sticky board and allow longer board life and slimmer design (excluding Chameleon® Uplight and Sirius)
  • Interchangeable sticky boards on all units to minimise stocking requirements
Fly control Devon

Our Range of Fly Traps

  • UV Fly Trap Range
  • Electronic UV Fly Trap Range
  • High Voltage UV Fly Killer Range
Devon pest control
Pest Control Devon
This range of environmentally responsible models offers innovative designs with highly efficient yet discreet fly control. All models feature an electronic ballast and unique 14 Watt T5 tubes, which are on the cutting edge of energy efficient lighting technology.
Pest Controllers Devon
This UV fly killer relies on the traditional method, consisting of a high voltage killing grid, to eliminate the flying insects that have been lured in by the UV tubes.
Devon Pest Control

A range of specialist units are available on request. They include an IP66

rated Chameleon 1x2 IP unit and models which comply with the latest ATEX
Directives for use in areas where there is a risk of explosion due to a high
concentration of dust or solvent in the atmosphere.
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